Wok On Inn catering

Everyone wants to be a guest at their own party and our superb catering services allow you to be just that. Our aim is to make parties, office meetings and events, fun and hassle free.

Our brilliant team can come to you with our chefs working the wok on-site.  Our catering menu has all the ‘usual suspects’ featured on our restaurant menu, plus a few more:

Char grilled chicken skewers accompanied with our tasty satay sauce.

Sweet Chilli Edamame, salted soybeans in pod tossed in our signature sweet chilli garlic infused sauce.

Thai lemongrass chicken full of herbs and spices served with our sweet chilli sauces.

Gyoza dumplings, hand rolled Japanese dumplings served with our chilli soya dipping sauce.

If these don’t have you drooling, our main noodle dishes certainly will. We believe you can never have too many noodles and we can certainly cater to the masses.  Last week we did just that, serving over 400 boxes of noodles for the crew at Fox Sports. The customer feedback was: “The serving sizes were very generous, and the quality of the noodles was great. We would definitely consider booking Wok on Inn again for our next event”.

noodle boxes


Don’t worry we mix it up with a great range, from the universally loved Pad Thai to the Japanese Teriyaki, or if you are more of a chilli lover we have the Fiery Chilli Basil to satisfy those taste-buds.

Get the real idea about how we can add the WOW factor to your next event: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6LdR7WIx920



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