Wok on Inn cooks with free-range eggs

Animal lovers and health gurus will be pleased to know their favourite Wok on Inn dishes now feature eggs from free-range hens…


Wok on Inn cooks with free-range eggs

These days more people are buying free-range eggs, as they realise this is a kinder option for the chickens, and their own bodies.

Wok on Inn are responding to the growing demand for free-range products, by making sure we use free-range eggs in our cooking.

Now you’ll be able to dig into some Nasi Goreng or a sizzling plate of chilli basil noodles, without the guilt that comes with knowing that the hens have spent their lives crammed into overcrowded cages.

You can take comfort in the knowledge that Wok on Inn now uses free-range eggs in all our dishes.

What are free range eggs?

Free-range hens are free to roam around outside in an open space, stretching their wings and grazing on grass, seeds and any insects they find. Farms which follow a strict free-range code also refuse to trim the beaks of their hens, so they can graze as nature intended.

The idea of free range is to allow the hens to thrive, in a space that isn’t overcrowded, as close to their natural habitat as possible. Many people prefer to get their eggs from hens that have been treated in a more humane way, compared to caged hens.

There’s been some controversy over free-range eggs, as poor industry regulation means that farmers can get away with labelling their eggs as free range, even if their farms don’t meet the requirements.

But a new national standard has been introduced this year, which means that farms must give their hens “meaningful and regular” access to the outdoors, and meet other criteria, in order to use the label.

Why are more people choosing free range eggs?

Hens living on authentic free-range farms are treated far more humanely than their counterparts that are conventionally raised.

Not only is it vital that chickens be treated well, for ethical purposes; research shows that happier, healthier hens produce superior eggs.

This is in comparison to caged birds, which are locked away in cages, and as a result experience extreme stress and fatigue.

It seems that authentic free-range eggs contain higher levels of vitamin A and E, and double the amount of omega-3 fatty acids, compared to caged chickens. There’s also less cholesterol and saturated fats in free-range eggs.

If you care about the wellbeing of hens and want to honour your health at the same time, be sure to head down to your nearest Wok on Inn and enjoy a delicious meal that uses the best ingredients.

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