A lot of red chinese lamps near the roof of temple, China

We’re entering a sacred time as the year of the Rooster approaches – symbolising honesty, confidence, hard-work and intelligence.

Every year, the new moon of the first month marks a momentous occasion for people in China and across the world, as they embrace a new year. The movements of the moon dictate the traditional Chinese calendar, so the New Year will be celebrated on January 28 in 2017.

Festivities last for 15 days – taking place in China, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and many other countries with high Chinese populations. This revered festival has been handed down through the centuries and it’s based heavily on myths and legends from ancient days.

Dazzling fireworks light up skylines across the globe, as people gather to bring in the New Year with a bang. Fireworks ward off bad spirits, according to tradition. This is the perfect time for people to exchange gifts, such as paper lanterns and red envelopes filled with money, to share blessings for a financially prosperous year.

New Year is a big deal in China and many businesses and industries shut down completely for two to four weeks. This gives employees a welcome break and ample time to spend with their families.

Many Chinese families gather for a special reunion dinner on the night before Chinese New Year. Tradition dictates that every family cleanse their home, to clear away ill-fortune and make room for incoming blessings. Striking red paper-cuts and couplets adorn windows and doors of Chinese households everywhere, with popular themes of “good fortune”, “happiness”, “wealth” and “longevity”.

Chinese people take this dinner seriously, as it sets the tone for the rest of the year. Dumplings and spring rolls usually feature prominently, because they symbolise money purses and gold bars, for those seeking a financially prosperous year. Plus, they’re delicious!

At Wok on Inn, we’re excited to provide a tantalising feast that you can enjoy this Chinese New Year. Our homemade chicken dumplings are served with a spicy soy sauce that’s infused in a spicy, Sichuan peppercorn . And you can’t go past our fresh vegetable spring rolls, which are served with a chilli jam dip.

We provide so many options for your Chinese New Year banquet. Any dish with long noodles (such as Chinese Oyster Noodles) is a good choice since long noodles symbolise a long life!

Head down to your nearest Wok on Inn, or get delivery, so you can celebrate Chinese New Year by enjoying the best food. You can also order online!

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