The weather feels brutal this time of year in Sydney. It’s rainy, windy, grey and all around a bit miserable. We’re feeling that too so we decided to take a fast trip to Thailand the easy way, with Thai food and flavour.

Our newest special is Tom Yum, a soup that seems designed to counteract Sydney winters. This fragrant soup has a hot and sour taste made up of lemongrass, lime juice, galangal, shrimp paste, keffir lime leaves, chilies, fresh herbs and button mushrooms. You can customise the soup with prawn (Tom Yum Goong), chicken (Tom Yum Gai), or go all the way with the mixed seafood soup (Tom Yum Po Taek).

Not only is this soup going to warm you up from the inside on a chilly day, many of its ingredients are great immune system boosters. Chillies, lemongrass, galangal and limes all have high levels of Vitamin C and anti-inflammatory properties and mothers in nearly every culture around the world have been serving broth and chicken soup for centuries to kids with colds. In short, Tom Yum is just the protection you need from those co-workers and fellow train riders who seem intent on bringing you down with them. That’s all just a bonus though, we suggest you try Thai Tom Yum because it’s tasty.

Tom Yum

This soup is beloved by people in Thailand, it’s so readily identified with Thailand that a famous historical event is called the Tom Yum Goong crisis. It also has fans around the world in Malaysia, Cambodia, Brunei, Singapore and of course, Australia.

Wok on in to any of our Wok on Inn locations across Sydney to try Tom Yum this month. Dine-in or grab takeaway at a Wok on Inn restaurant in Zetland, Balmain, Sydney Olympic Park, Rouse Hill, Norwest, or the Rocks. If you’re in the Zetland or Sydney Olympic Park indulge in the ultimate winter treat and order delivery for dinner.

Paired with a plate of noodles like our Pad Thai or Pad C U and a cool Singha beer, Tom Yum is the perfect Winter pick-me-up.

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