Who doesn’t love noodles? At Wok On Inn we have oodles of noodles to suit everyone’s taste.

What’s your noodle?

Rice sheet noodles: Thicker and flatter than your rice noodles. Our classic Pad C U incorporates fresh rice sheet noodles, stir fried in a savoury dark soy sauce with bok choy, bean sprouts and egg.

Rice noodles: evident to the name, rice noodles are made from rice flour and water. Rice noodles are commonly used in Thai dishes; we like to add rice noodles to our Pad Thai, tossed with egg, beans sprouts, crushed peanuts and a drizzle of fresh lemon.

Udon: chewy and soft, these thick wheat noodles have a neutral flavour; they make a good choice for strongly-flavoured dishes. We recommend selecting Udon noodles in our Japanese noodle dish using our house-made traditional teriyaki sauce that has a sweet soya glaze.

Hokkien: Prepared from egg and wheat flour, Hokkien noodles are thick and yellow. Enjoyed all over the world, the size and texture of Hokkien noodles means that they soak up the sauce in your dish, ensuring a great stir-fry full of flavour. You will find the tasty Hokkien noodles in our Bangkok noodle and cashew nut noodle dishes.

Vermicelli: Vermicelli noodles are made from rice flour and have a very similar texture to angel hair pasta. The noodles are a beloved staple in many Asian Countries. Vermicelli noodles complement our Singapore street noodle dish perfectly. They are stir fried with curry powder, turmeric, fresh ginger and garlic added with a punch of chilli.

Egg Noodles: Also known as Chinese egg noodles or E-fu noodles, egg noodles are the most common noodles used in Asian cuisine. Made from egg and wheat, they can be found in a variety of shapes, thin or thick, flat or round, fresh or dried. Egg noodles complement our Laksa and wonton soup superbly.

You can also have it your way, and select the right noodles to complement your sauce of choice.  Then all is left to do is to decide how to eat the slippery suckers: Chopsticks? Fork and Spoon? Knife and Fork?

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