In this week’s edition of ‘Meet The Flavours’, we explore the flavours of lemongrass.

This wiry herb infuses each dish with a fresh, sharp lemony fragrance. Lemongrass look a little like fat spring onions, with the same swollen base, but the stalk is woodier and composed of tightly packed grey-green leaves.

Lemongrass is quite the popular ingredient nowadays, with people commonly ordering lemongrass ‘tea’ and adding lemongrass to their smoothies. The reason for this is the many proclaimed health benefits that are vast and range from pain relieving properties, antibacterial, a strong form of antioxidant and most interestingly it is said to have antidepressant properties.

Aside from these great health benefits, lemongrass has been a part of Asian food culture from the very beginning. Lemongrass adds an abundance of flavour to many Asian dishes and at Wok On Inn you will be able to taste a hint of lemongrass in our Malaya Laksa and our delicious Chilli Basil Thai sauce.

Our Malay Laksa is a classic coconut based soup that is spiced with lemongrass for an intensely fragrant flavour. It is served with button mushrooms, egg noodles & tofu puff topped with fried onions and a hardboiled egg

In the Malay Laksa as well as the Chilli Basil Thai sauce, we use both the tender centre – finely sliced as well as the entire stem to add strong aromatic flavours; ensuring you don’t miss out on any part of the delicious lemongrass. Try it next time you are at your local Wok On Inn!


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