Cashew Nut Noodles


Hokkien noodles are often mistaken for egg noodles, as they strike a very similar resemblance. When we think of indulging in a delicious bowl of noodles we generally think of egg or rice noodles but have you ever eaten Hokkien noodles? Better yet, Hokkien noodles with your favourite Wok On Inn sauce?

Commonly used in Malyasian and Singaporean hawker cuisine, the origins of the thick, fresh Hokkien egg noodles are from Fujian province in Southern China. Note that the terms Hokkien and Fujian are just different pronunciations of the same Chinese characters – Hokkien being the Mandarin pronunciation that the English language has picked up.

At Wok On Inn, we recommend you try them with our Cashew Nut sauce stir-fry. Chilli Jam gives this dish the unique sweet and spicy flavour wok tossed with onions, capsicum and roasted cashew nuts.

The best thing about these noodles is that they intensify the overall flavour of a stir-fry because they absorb and hold the sauce. Come have a bowl yourself at Wok On Inn today!


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