In this week’s edition of ‘Meet the Flavours’ we explore the flavours of five-spice powder.

This popular blend of five spices is primarily used in Chinese cuisine but also makes its appearance in other Asian and Arabic cooking. The powder is a powerfully scented mixture of star anise, cloves, cinnamon, Szechwan pepper, and ground fennel seeds. However, other ingredients such as anise seed, ginger root, nutmeg and turmeric may also be included depending on your personal taste.

Five-spice powder is based on the Chinese philosophy of balancing the yin and yang in food, and combines the flavours of sweet, salty, bitter,  pungent and sour in one mix. Rumour has it, that it was made to represent all five elements: wood, fire, earth, metal and water, and different foods are associated with each of these elements. Learning to balance the five elements of food helps ensure that a person receives enough nutrients to support the five major organs in your body.

Wok On Inn uses five-spice to enhance the flavours of our Chinese and Malay Sauce. So the next time you have our Chinese, Thai, Pad C U, Malay dishes, and wonder where the interesting mix of flavours are coming from – you’ll know it’s from our five-spice powder!



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