In this week’s edition of ‘Meet the Flavours’ we explore the flavours of coconut milk – a popular food ingredient in Southeast Asia.


Creamy, white liquid deriving from the flesh of a coconut; coconut milk is used as a cooking base for many Malaysian, Indonesian and Thai dishes.

Coconut milk is made by shredding the flesh of a well-matured coconut, and pressing it with hot water to extract the coconut flavour and fat. With a consistency similar to cow’s milk, its creamy texture and mildly sweet flavour makes coconut milk the perfect ingredient to use in soups, curries, drinks and dessert.

Apart from the enjoyable flavour it brings to some of Wok On Inn’s most popular dishes, coconut milk has added benefits for your hair, skin and health. It is rich in vitamins and minerals, and although coconut milk is high in saturated fat, the fat is actually much easier to digest and is healthier than other saturated fat products!

Now that we’ve introduced you to coconut milk, why not head down to Wok On Inn and excite your taste buds with our dishes containing this flavour. Whether you choose our Laksa, Penang Satay Noodles or Indonesian Noodles, coconut milk will always help to balance out the fiery zest of curry paste – leaving you with a rich, delicious flavour you will enjoy!


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