Penang Satay Noodles

Welcome to this week’s installment of “Meet the Flavours: Satay Edition”. Originating in Indonesia and sold by Javanese street vendors, satay is equally popular in Malaysia and Thailand. Traditionally, meat or seafood are skewered and grilled over a barbecue. The characteristic yellow colour of satay comes from the turmeric used to marinate the meat, and the dish is served with the spicy peanut-based sauce we know and love. In Malaysia, satay is often eaten during celebrations from market stalls, with mutton, beef, and chicken being the more popular choices.

We’ve put the Wok On Inn twist to traditional satay with our Penang Satay Noodles. Part of Wok On Inn’s ‘Have It Our Way’ Asian street food menu. Our satay is fresh from the street hawkers of Penang, with a rich peanut based sauce dish consisting of juicy beef, fresh veggies, and fat hokkien noodles to tempt your taste-buds. Head down to your local Wok On Inn and try it today!

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