Lamb-Krapow Special

Lamb Krapow

Lamb krapow is the latest edition to our menu. Available for a short time only, this fiery dish will blow your mind – and maybe your taste buds, too. Think tasty, Australian lamb stir fried in a 100% made from scratch chilli basil paste.


Authentic flavours


As with the rest of our dishes, the lamb krapow is all about authenticity. There are no unnecessary complications – the wow factor comes down to honouring simple, yet special, Thai recipes that have fed families for generation after generation. When you order lamb krapow from us, you get to eat just what the locals eat, including local ingredients.


Fresh ingredients


The trick to making such a simple recipe work is, needless to say, high-quality ingredients. They’re packed with flavour and nutrition, as you can tell from the bright colours and alluring aromas.


All Australian lamb


Every mouthful of succulent lamb in every lamb krapow dish we make comes directly from an Australian farm. This means you get premium meat while knowing that air miles are being kept to a minimum. Australia has some of the best agricultural land and the best farmers on the planet, so why would we go anywhere else?


Made from scratch chilli basil paste


We pride ourselves on our made from scratch pastes and sauces. The lamb krapow’s magic ingredient – its chilli basil paste – is no exception to the rule. It’s made from an array of authentic Thai ingredients, including bird’s eye chillies, long red chillies, garlic, lemongrass, kaffir lime fruit and krachai (Chinese ginger). From the very first mouthful, you’ll feel as though you have just taken a side-trip to Thailand (minus the jet lag and expenses).


Available for a limited time only


Our new lamb krapow won’t be here forever. In fact, it’s making a special appearance, for a limited time only. So, if you’re keen to try it, you’d better not waste any time.


Eat in or order online


If you’re keen to get off the couch, head to your closest Wok On Inn and enjoy lamb krapow in laid back surroundings, served up by our smiling staff. Our street noodle bars are found in The Rocks, Balmain, Zetland, Sydney Olympic Park, Norwest and Rouse Hill.
Don’t feel like going anywhere? The good news is you can order online. All you have to do is jump onto our dedicated page, fill in your order, pour a drink and relax.

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