Any parent can tell you that meal times can be a headache when you have small children, especially if they’re fussy eaters!


Wok on Inn aims to make your job easier by providing a number of delicious dishes for your little ones to choose from, so you can enjoy a meal together, with minimum fuss.


We’ve chosen some of our most popular dishes and turned them into kids’ meals – with smaller portion sizes for smaller appetites. In our experience, children love the fresh and exciting flavours, crunchy texture and vibrant colours that our dishes are celebrated for.


As we grow, some of our taste buds stop being replaced, so children tend to have thousands more taste buds than adults, which means that flavours are more intense.  This could be why many youngins prefer sweet foods over bitter tastes – and turn their noses up at the very thought of eating vegetables!


Rest assured, you won’t have any problems getting veggies into your child’s belly with Wok on Inn dishes. We make vegetables exciting, by dressing them up in our delicious sauces, which we make from scratch.


At Wok on Inn, all children under 14 can select the following kids’ meals:


Wok Fried Rice

Fried rice tossed with egg in our special oyster sauce, which has over 25 ingredients, including ginger, mushroom soya sauce and Chinese five spice.


Teriyaki Egg Noodles

Curly egg noodles immersed in rich Japanese flavour – guaranteed to satisfy even the pickiest eaters! This is made the traditional way, by mixing slow cooked dashi kombu with Mirin, brown sugar, soya sauce and ginger for over two hours.


Satay Vermicelli Noodles (gluten free, contains peanuts)

Fine rice noodles tossed with tasty peanut sauce and vegetables. Our flavoursome curry paste is balanced with sweet, salty and sour notes.


As a bonus, all kids’ meals come with a choice of juice or water, at no extra cost!


Don’t forget you can order online and get it delivered straight to your door!!

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