Indonesian Independence Day

Hari kemerdekaan bahagia! Happy Indonesian Independence Day! Today, August 17, marks the day Indonesia declared its independence from the Netherlands in 1945. Although the split was contested by the Dutch, Indonesian Independence Day is now a worldwide celebration of Indonesian culture. Buildings in Jakarta, the capital, are decked in the country’s red and white flag, while marches and parades entertain the public.

Food also plays a big part of Independence Day, with cooking contests and food stalls adding a festive atmosphere. The highlight of the celebrations is Panjat pinang, a popular game played by the people. Palm trees are coated in a mixture of clay and oil, and contestants attempt to climb over one another to reach the prizes at the top. Sometimes even TVs are left to hang in the upper branches!

Celebrate Independence Day with us by trying our (Very) Nasi Goreng, Indonesia’s national dish of fried rice tossed with sweet kecap manis, egg, and fresh vegetables. To truly get in the festive spirit, we are featuring two authentic Indonesia street food dishes on our menu- Kwetiau Goreng and Mie Goreng Tek Tek. Even better, you can enjoy your meal with a Bingtang, available for only $3.

Click the link ( to see Panjat pinang; do you think you could do it?

So ‘Dirgahayu RI,’ long live Indonesia!




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