Hands across the water

This week, at Wok On Inn, we had a very special guest visit, Kelsey Baines (daughter of Peter Baines, founder of Hands) to chat about the charity, Hands Across The Water. As many of you will know, in 2004, countless Thai children were left alone and homeless by the Boxing Day tsunami. Hands founder, former police forensic specialist Peter Baines, working with the tsunami disaster victim identification team, was deeply touched by the number of children left homeless and alone by the natural disaster. He was inspired to establish an organisation that could make a real difference.

Hands Across The Water is an Australian charity that gives at-risk Thai children and their communities a helping hand. Their projects aim to meet the needs of the local community for the long term. Their work is focused on improving the lives of the kids and their communities today and in the foreseeable future.

Today, Hands Across The Water, supports hundreds of children in multiple locations across Thailand. Kelsey has recently established Young Hands- a group dedicated to engaging 18-25 years olds in the works and causes of Hands Across The Water. Kelsey and the rest of the Young Hands team have participated in Hand’s annual gruelling bike ride across Thailand every January, which is designed to raise funds and awareness about the organisation.

Wok On Inn founder, Ankur Sehgal, supports the cause across all Wok On Inn stores by donating a percent of sales to the charity as well as sponsoring Thai Children.

Below are two letters from the children Ankur has sponsored:

Dear Ankur

Hello my name is Pi, I am in first form at high school. I am now going to school in Chiang

Mai. I am very happy to learn in Chiang Mai.

I am very happy as I have good friends and I get to do fun activities such as picking fruit. At

home hug they have taught me to be happy and enjoy the simple life.

Thank you so much for sponsoring me, I would love to see you if you could come and visit


29-08-2014 12-58-41 PM

Hands Across The Water is a truly inspiring charity that can really make all the difference to these young children and their communities. If you are interested in supporting this charity, visit their site to see how you can help these children have a brighter future, or pop a donation into the charity box located in all Wok On Inn restaurants. Visit: https://www.handsacrossthewater.org.au/

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