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Say the name Szechuan and you’ll be greeted with both excitement and complaints about how spicy that style of Chinese cuisine is. While most people from the Szechuan region will argue that not ALL of their food is spicy, they’ll have to concede that perhaps part of the reason their food is so famous for being fiery is because of a little street food noodle dish that has taken the world by storm.

Dan Dan Noodles are named not for their ingredients, but for the way street venders would carry their ingredients and stoves in baskets hanging from a bamboo shoulder pole, known as a ‘dan’. In English, the name translates to either “noodles carried on a pole” or “peddler’s noodles”, because it allowed them to move from place to place to attract more people

This quintessentially Szechuan dish is even more unique among street foods because traditionally vendors would place a portion of noodles in a bowl and then pour over each ingredient in the sauce separately for the customer to mix together – that’s why, when you see Dan Dan Noodles in a restaurant, the noodles are often tucked into a neat square on top of the sauce, as if they’ve just been removed from a packet and plonked in the bowl as an afterthought.

There are a few variations of Dan Dan noodles on the market and they’re a cherished staple in Thai food. The traditional Szechuan recipe consists of preserved vegetables, mustard stems, chilli oil, Szechuan pepper, minced pork and spring onions over noodles. The Taiwanese variation includes sesame paste or peanut butter which acts to mellow the chilli and gives a deep, savoury nuttiness to the dish.

Unfortunately, our Dan Dan noodles aren’t carried from place to place hanging from a bamboo shoulder pole (no longer a common sight in China), but that doesn’t make them any less authentic or delicious!

The star ingredient in our dish is sichuan peppercorn, which is complemented by chilli oil, sesame sauce, cooking wine, sesame oil and oyster sauce.

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