gluten free food word cloud on a vintage slate blackboard isolated on whiteThere’s nothing worse than looking forward to digging into a delicious meal only to discover that you can’t eat it because your dietary restrictions get in the way.


Or choosing to yield to your taste buds by ignoring your brain and eating that meal anyway – only to later pay the price when you feel sick and tired. It may have tasted amazing at the time, but it probably wasn’t worth the sore gut and headache that followed.


A growing number of people feel this discomfort and gluten is a common culprit.


What is gluten?


Gluten is commonly found in products derived from wheat, oats, barley or rye. This includes foods such as pasta, cakes and bread, as well as many condiments. Basically, gluten is a protein that’s found in many (but not all) grains.


At the extreme end of the scale, people with coeliac disease can becoming quite ill if they consume anything with gluten in it. This applies to approximately one in 70 Australians! It’s important that coeliacs avoid gluten, for the sake of their health, since their immune systems react abnormally to gluten.


There are others with gluten sensitivity, who experience a less severe reaction. An estimated one in 10 Australians have gluten intolerance. No doubt eating out can often be a stressful affair, especially if there aren’t many gluten-free options, and the few suitable dishes leave a lot to be desired.


Luckily more gluten-free options are popping up on menus around the world. Wok on Inn is part of this movement – providing delicious, gluten-free meals, that taste as amazing as they look.


Here are some gluten-free options, as clearly labelled on our menu:


Pad Thai – Rice noodles with free range egg, green shallots, crushed peanuts and dried shrimp.


Laksa – Fragrant coconut curry based laksa soup, served with egg and rice vermicelli noodles.


Sriracha salad – Delicious spicy and sour sauce, tossed with fresh greens and crispy vermicelli noodles.


Head down to your nearest Wok on Inn, or get delivery for a healthy and delicious meal. You can also order online!

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