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The 13th of April marks the start of the Thai new year, which is celebrated with the most memorable water parade during the Songkran Festival.

The word Songkran originates from Sanskrit, representing transformation as the sun passes from one Zodiac sign to another.

People in Thailand have traditionally celebrated this occasion by splashing water on family members – a cleansing ritual that brings good fortune and blessings.

But today the annual festival has morphed into a massive parade that involves a water fight that lasts for a few days. If you’re lucky enough to be in Thailand, you can expect to get splashed with buckets of water, super soakers and water hoses as you walk through the streets. Luckily this festival occurs during the scorching Thai summer, when the cool reprieve is welcome!

It’s also common for people to cover each other in chalk – a ritual which originated from the monk custom of blessing people.

Although New Year is now officially celebrated on the 1st of January in Thailand, Songkran is still one of the most anticipated festivals and people travel across the country to spend time with their loved ones during this time.

This is considered the perfect time to banish negativity and create resolutions for the year ahead, while worshippers cleanse sacred statues with water and pay homage to images of Buddha. Many participants also take advantage of this moment to throw away old or useless possessions that could bring bad luck.

In some areas festivities can last a whole week, and it’s not uncommon for people in neighbouring countries like Laos, Burma and Cambodia to join the celebrations.

Food plays a large part in the Songkran festivities, with Thai people taking great pride in sharing the most delectable dishes with their family and friends. If you’re not visiting Thailand, you can still get into the spirit of Songkran by feasting on dishes that have been lovingly crafted to transport your senses to the bustling streets of Bangkok.

Why not indulge in some Thai Green Curry, featuring our homemade green curry sauce, eggplant, basil and young bamboo shoots? There’s also Pad Krapow, which is bursting with flavour – thanks to our winning combination of chilli basil paste, minced chicken and oyster sauce. Thai Fried Rice is another delicious dish to share with loved ones, as you reflect on blessings from the past year.

Come and celebrate Thai New Year with Wok on Inn’s delicious and nourishing Thai Food. Check out our Songkran Special Menu at your nearest Wok on Inn store or order online and we’d be happy to deliver a little Songkran spirit straight to your doorstep.

Our Songkran menu is available from the 13th to the 16th of April.

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