Last month we celebrated the beautiful, vibrant flavours of Thai cuisine and this month we’re shining the spotlight on Indonesia in honour of the anniversary of Indonesian Independence. Indonesia has a rich culinary background that draws from its colonial history and its natural abundance of native spices. Flavours in Indonesian cuisine are characterised by the balance of gurih (savory), pedas (hot), manis (sweet), asin (salty), and asam (sour).

­­­Food plays just as important a role in Indonesian Independence Day as it does it every similar celebration around the world. Indonesian dishes are plentiful at neighbourhood parties and women compete in cooking competitions to make the most delicious nasi tumpeng or the biggest krupek while kids play games and slurp noodles.

As Indonesia is an incredibly diverse country made up of hundreds of regions and ethnic groups, the local favourites vary from place to place. Sumatran cuisine has Middle Eastern and Indian influences while Eastern Indonesian food is more similar to the food of Polynesia. Across all of Indonesia’s thousands of islands, the food is intensely colourful and rich with flavour.

We are celebrating Indonesian Independence here in Sydney with three of the country’s most beloved national dishes: kway teow groeng, nasi goreng and mee goreng. From the 17th of August to the 21st of August you can stop into any Wok on Inn location and try any of these amazing dishes for $10. That’s $10 for dine-in, takeaway or delivery (available in selected areas across Sydney).

After our Indonesian Independence Day celebrations are over, you can still travel to Bali with Wok on Inn’s delicious take on Char kway teow. Char kway teow is classic street-food. It was invented to be hearty and energy-filled for labourers. Commonly, the hawkers would double as fishermen using the morning’s cockle and prawn hauls to prepare lunch for the hungry workers. Beat your midday slump with this tested recipe. Stop into Wok on Inn and experience a trip to Jakarta without leaving Sydney.

Char Kway Vertical

The Declaration on Indonesian Independence was signed August 17, 1945 and ratified by the Dutch government in 1949 granting the Indonesian nation the right to a sovereign government. This date is celebrated in Indonesia much like Australia Day here. Patriotism runs as high as cafes, shops and homes proudly display flags. Cities and towns across Indonesia’s many islands take on a distinctly red and white vibe as the flag is seen on every corner of every street. We hope you’ll stop in and celebrate with us this month.

You can find Wok on Inn across Sydney, NSW. We have locations in Balmain, Norwest (near Bella Vista), The Rocks, Rouse Hill, Sydney Olympic Park and Zetland, check back often as we add more across Sydney. Dine-in for an Asian street-food experience or get takeaway or delivery for a convenient, healthy and delicious meal.



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