Welcome to Meet The Flavours. Each week we will give you the opportunity to explore the authentic flavours and ingredients that inspire every dish a Wok On Inn Noodle Bars.

Today, we explore the flavours of Birds Eye Chilli. These little firecrackers add zest to flavourful dishes and health to those brave enough to risk their fiery flavour. The tiny Bird’s Eye Chilli originated in Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, The Philippines and surrounding countries, but they can now be found all over the world.

It is presumed that the name stems from their shape and because they have been spread by birds which are not affected by the heat of the peppers. Historically they have been used as a natural remedy for arthritis, rheumatism, flatulence and toothache, and they may be used as an insect repellent when mixed with water.


The Birds Eye Chilli is a great addition to Thai cooking, creating those big, bold flavours that you identify with Wok On Inn Thai Noodles. The heat from chilli’s is determined by when it is picked – at Wok on Inn we pick the ripe ones so that they add blazing punch to your Thai sauce.


A bit of chilli never hurt anyone, especially in a great noodle dish. Some people however, take it that little bit too far. Check out these daredevils taking a bite of a whole chilli.


Video link- http://youtu.be/gkOaODIHvaA

If this doesn’t impress you, watch these people attempt to eat the Ghost Chilli, known as the world’s hottest chilli.

Video Link- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8dFMCf8zi5s&feature=share&list=RD8dFMCf8zi5s


Would you dare?

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